Four More Years?

Happy anniversary, dear readers! Today marks four years since I started writing Virtual Memories, and I can’t believe some of you are still coming back after all this time!

But seriously, thanks for checking in on this site, all of you regulars.

And to all you people who keep getting to this site because you’re looking for images of Giada De Laurentiis, I’m sorry, but I only have that one from the Gatorade post.

Anyway, I’m glad I’ve been able to keep this blog going for so long. Despite the season, you should have a G&T (or the drink of your choice, but the G&T is the official drink of VM) in honor of Virtual Memories tonight! (In fact, if you take a picture of yourself drinking one (or the aforementioned drink of choice), e-mail it over to me, I’ll post it in a goofy flickr photoset!)

Cheers! And here’s to many more years of strange links, random reminiscences, and quotidian ague!

4 Replies to “Four More Years?”

  1. Gin? Are you kidding?
    I’m afraid that for me it’s not much more than a mascara-thinner…….Apparently the crying thing isn’t a myth – juniper berries are a natural depressant….

    How about I crack a beer open instead? I’ll toast you from the Sportsmans Hotel – Brisbane’s dodgiest gay bar. It’s Paul’s birthday (you remember Paul, gayest man in the cosmos, came to NY with me?)

  2. Why, of course I remember Paul! I just gave someone a copy of Anal Traffic from my iTunes library (she’d just sent over some tracks from The Wet Spots, so I thought it was an equitable exchange)!

    Happy birthday, anniversary, etc.!

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