Hey, Big Ed!

The Official VM Wife thinks Gatorade missed a major chance in its Big Head TV campaign

when they didn’t use Giada De Laurentiis

Think of how much money they could have saved on special effects!

10 Replies to “Hey, Big Ed!”

  1. if this picture of Giada is not “super-imposed”, then it seems to me that she has a VERY serious eating disorder

  2. Shame on you, Gil.

    As America’s last line of defense against total food show takeover by Rachael Ray, a woman I once saw heat two cans of different foods and pour one on top of the other to make half the meal she was presenting on her TV cooking gig, Ms. De Laurentiis deserves nothing but our full support, encephalapod or not.

  3. Gina has a big head and Rachael Ray might have a meltdown on television any minute. But none of them hold a candle to Paula Dean’s southern cooking show, particularly the episode where she drank a cup of melted butter….

  4. My dad should do a guest spot on Paula’s show. The old man made a shrimp and corn chowder during one of our visits last year, but thought it wasn’t quite special enough. He solved the problem by adding a pint of heavy cream and a stick of butter to the pot before serving.

  5. Not only does Giada have a VERY large head, she also sports a pair of arms that seem about 4″ too short. One upside, though: If she just put on one huge shoe, she could be the star of Ludacris’ next video!

    Oh, and I’m thrilled to hear a bit of anti-Rachel Ray sentiment. I could not agree more. How she continues to gain popularity is beyond me, what with her “E.V.O.O.” and “Yum-Oh” “Sammies”, while Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, and Mario Batali are relegated to the overnight hours.

  6. Ben, I can’t figure out if it’s

    1) people don’t use these shows to cook from at all, but in some sort of lingering Iron Chef effect have come to like watching people coook food, and they like lively, greatly unappealing people even if they can’t cook at all.

    2) people use these shows to cook from, but they don’t like to make anything that’s even sounds halfway difficult. They get an anti-elitist charge out of someone who’s “just a cook” and uses cans of food “like the rest of us.”

    I’m drinking melted butter right now!

  7. Tom,

    I think perhaps it’s more the former rather than the latter. Food Network seems to have generally inoffensive stuff during it’s prime time lineup, and rather than trying to educate people about food, it’s culture/origin, etc. it actually “dumbs it down”. Rachael Ray has no formal culinary training, for crying out loud! None. I suppose I can’t blame them. They are, after all, a business, and it’s what the viewing public wants!

    By the way, a friend of mine once prepared just one dish from a 30-Minute Meals episode. It took him an hour and a half. Guess he shouldn’t have given his sous chef the day off!

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