In this almost empty gin palace . . .

I planned to try out 12 new (to me) gins in 2010. I was going to write about one each month and add a “My Year of Gin” feature to my blog. I gave up on that idea pretty quickly and decided to sample a whole bunch over the course of the year:


If you click through to the flickr page, you’ll find notes (and links) on all them. In addition to these bottles (please note that not all of them are empty; I’m not that much of a lush), there are a few I haven’t tried yet, including the “high test” version of Old Raj (110 proof), Blue Gin, and North Shore No. 11. Also, I had a very nice G&T during my November trip to New Orleans using Right Gin, which I haven’t picked up a bottle of yet.

No, I don’t have any resolutions for 2011. Why do you ask?

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