My health is fine, my finances are in order and my job seems pretty secure, so I don’t have much by way of “you must change your life” New Year resolutions. I did pretty well on my main one for 2008: post to this blog every day. There were still a couple of down days, but I think I did well.

Here’s my list of 2009 resolutions:

  1. To finish reading Montaigne’s essays
  2. To not begin writing Tuesday Morning Plutarch once I’m done with Monday Morning Montaigne
  3. To read more poetry (and maybe fewer novels)
  4. To get back to practicing yoga
  5. To get back to drinking only water, black coffee or gin (well, maybe I’ll add wine to the list this time)
  6. To brush Rufus’ teeth 3x weekly

Let’s see yours!

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  1. Just discovered your blog via a link from somewhere and I am enjoying it. I don’t see an email address anyplace, but I would like to ask you two questions: one about reading Montaigne and another about Strath Haven High School. (Is it possible that this is the first time in history that those two proper nouns have been used in the same sentence?) I hope you will use my (concealed) address above to send me yours.

  2. Poetry? Have you read Mark Doty, or Donald Hall? Or Charles Simic? Think you would enjoy them. Also, Cornelious Eady.

  3. Hey, MB: The Everyman’s Library edition of Montaigne’s Complete Works has 107 essays, covering 1050 pages, so maybe you got the Greatest Hits collection. I think there was a version called “NOW That’s What I Call Montaigne!” Or not.

    Elayne: I haven’t read a single one of them! But I’m looking to go back to old Brits, actually. I realize I’m pretty poetry-deficient and would like to start exploring some of the greats.

  4. I enjoy the 17th Century poets like Henry Vaughan and Andrew Marvell, but one of my favorites (probably my favorite) is Edwin Arlington Robinson. He is the MAN!!!!!

    i like your Resolution idea on a blog, mind if I “copy”……also if I do, mind if I link yours?

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