Atlanta Hawks

Predicted Record
38-44 (Tom), 28-54 (Gil)

Last Year’s Record

Gil’s Commentary
Are they still in the league? Years of terrible drafts, poor coaching, and ownership lawsuits have translated into a team no one takes seriously, even in the “poised for a breakout season” articles. In some respects, they remind me of the post-Jordan Bulls, loaded with younger players who overlap positions. Players really can get used to losing. Joe Johnson must be happy that he broke the bank to get over to Atlanta from Phoenix.

Unlike the Bulls from that era, the Hawks have no room under the salary cap to bring in any veterans (Anthony “Beetlejuice” Johnson doesn’t count). Since Golden State got into the postseason last year, that leaves Atlanta as the only team not to sniff the playoffs this decade (Charlotte doesn’t count, since they’ve only been around a few years. And they’re closer to the playoffs than Atlanta.)

“Change” is Hawks’ motto for 2007-2008. Along with new uniforms, they’re putting up “Changing the Game” billboards in Atlanta. Unless they’re changing it so much that the team with fewer points gets the win, they’re SOL this year.

Rejoinder From Tom
I’m so baffled how this team won 30 games last year, I searched their schedule to see if they scheduled a bunch of Division II schools in December. The young players will play hard trying to showcase themselves for a trade to Houston.

Gratuitous Comics Connection
You can make the argument that Mike Luckovich of the Journal-Constitution is America’s leading editorial cartoonist.

Gratuitous Pharma Connection
Mikart does solid dosage contract manufacturing and some development services. Also, the Parenteral Drug Association had its annual meeting in Atlanta in 2003.

The Bottom Line
Atlanta’s dancers aren’t as attractive as you’d expect. –GR

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