Gil Roth wishes he could grow a cool moustache and wear a hypnotic tophat like The Ringmaster did.

Tom Spurgeon runs and is not a man to be trifled with. Here’s his bio.

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Eric Grunfeld is a former Event Director of Hoop-It-Up, has coached and run basketball clinics and is not related to Ernie Grunfeld, but has been nicknamed “Ernie” his whole life.

Darren Heitner created, on December 31, 2005. It was the first site on the internet devoted to exploring the sports agent niche. is now one of many sites that make up the DHP Network. He has also founded Dynasty Athlete Representation with fellow contributor, Matthew Vuckovich. Darren is a 2007 Political Science graduate from the University of Florida. At UF, he was valedictorian of his class. Darren is now taking classes at the University of Florida Levin School of Law in order to better represent his clients.

Morris Levin lives in Philadelphia where he writes the weekly blog,, runs the website,, worked for Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co., and is a full-time grad student. He is still waiting for Jeff Ruland to be an All-Star for the 76ers and has a soft place in his heart for Charles Barkley.

Justin Ozuna writes: “I am a student at Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls, Tx. – most notably home for Cowboys training camp ’98-’02 ). I write columns for the school paper and occasionally freelance for the city’s sports page (although sparingly at the moment). I am currently pursuing a career in sports journalism. My personal record for consecutive pogo bounces is three, I can’t be an ice cream man because I drive too fast, and I’ve honestly never had a Big Mac. More information about me, including random blogs I’ve written, can be found at”

Mitchell Prothero is a journalist who’s written for Slate, Salon, U.S. News & World Report and served as Iraq Bureau Chief for UPI. He e-mailed his Washington Wizards preview from Damascus. You can find some of his photojournalism here.

Sam Ricchezza cannot help you with your goddamn problems.

In his preview Craig Sirkin successfully fought the urge to channel Charley Rosen by explaining that every team is flawed and that every star shoots too much but never from the midrange and can’t pass or play defense. He’s a Yankees fan who already misses Joe Torre but respects him for turning down the offer and is a vehement Rockies fan for the next 10 days never thought the Rockies had a chance after their ticket selling debacles. Good riddance to that purple lipped post-season bust A-Rod!

A New York native, Harrison Turkheimer is currently a junior at West Virginia University. Majors in sports management with a minor in communications.He has worked with the local affiliate to CBS, the sports staff for the college radio station at WVU as well as promotions and marketing for the class “AA” Baltimore Orioles (Bowie Baysox). Also more recently has become the Big East correspondent to the Adam Taxin show on WNWR Philly.

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