Los Angeles Clippers

Predicted Record
42-40 (Tom), 27-55 (Gil)

Last Year’s Record

Tom’s Commentary
I’m going to guess they’re better this year, as Chris Kaman took a year off to stuff dollar bills from his massive contract extension into his suit like a Red Skelton sketch and look at himself in the mirror. Plus I think they’re due for one of those “they endured despite injuries” episodes of the Ahmad Rashad Show when Elton Brand comes back (I think Livingston’s done). Kaman should be back up to double-double speed, and unless I’m wrong they actually added a few small pieces this summer, which fairly sets them apart from most of their western brethren. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure Sam Cassell gets his nickname of “Magic Jeep” from

  1. looking like him, and
  2. having EC Segar bestow the name on him personally before his death. In 1938.

Rejoinder From Gil
It’s the Corey Maggette Show! Look for the Bridesmaid of the Trading Deadline to go completely insane this season and go for 27ppg/night, so he can cash in on his walk year. But the rest of this team’s gonna be terrible.

Gratuitous Comics Connection
Among those cartoonists and comic book people making their home in Los Angeles are Joe Casey, Sammy Harkham and Paul Conrad.

Gratuitous Pharma Connection
Abraxis BioScience’s HQ is in LA.

The Bottom Line
Do yourself a favor and never ever watch the clip of Shaun Livingston’s total knee blowout. –GR

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