Milwaukee Bucks

Predicted Record
44-38 (Tom), 40-42 (Gil)

Last Year’s Record

Gil’s Commentary
Looking over last year’s writeup, it seemed like they had some talented pieces, and were looking to move up in the Central. Instead, they came in dead last. I’m gonna say that injuries wreaked havoc with the Bucks’ season last year. I mean, that’s an easy guess, since they lost a ton of games and no one can remember seeing them play.

This year, the Bucks’ owner, Sen. Herb Kohl, went all 24 on the Chinese by drafting Yi Jianlian at the #6 spot, then refusing to trade him to a city with lots of any Chinese people. He gets props for that, and also for letting Pat Riley negotiate the contracts for both of his team’s point guards, re-signing Mo Williams and some other guy after the Heat offered them restricted free agent deals.

I think that big Australo-Croatian guy is still playing for them. Man, even when the Bucks get the #1 overall pick, people forget about it.

It looks like they signed my favorite player, the Nosferatu-ugly but remarkably intelligent Michael Ruffin. Oh, and they still have Michael Redd, the best shooter you haven’t blah blah blah. . . Are you even awake?

Rejoinder From Tom
What? Which team are we on? What? Hello?

Gratuitous Comics Connection
Cartoonist and publisher Denis Kitchen made Milwaukee a surprising focal point of the underground comix revolution.

Gratuitous Pharma Connection
University of Wisconsin-Madison, has a pretty extensive pharmaceutical sciences program.

The Bottom Line
I’m going out on a limb and saying that this team will come together in 2007-08, and be a surprise 6 seed. They’ll get destroyed in the first round. –GR

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