NY Knicks

Predicted Record
43-39 (Harrison), 30-52 (Tom), 37-45 (Gil)

Last Year’s Record

Harrison Turkheimer’s Commentary
After signing DePaul’s Wilson Chandler, it seems as if the Knicks may start to have the pieces to the puzzle that Isiah wants. The Knicks also are taking a gamble on Syracuse’s Demetris Nichols [Harrison wrote this prior to Nichols’ getting cut in the pre-season.–ed.] to have a nice seat on the bench for the time being. Their main move in the offseason was acquiring Zach Randolph from Portland, creating a starting 5 of Marbury, Crawford, Richardson, Randolph, Curry. Along with the late great Knick Allan Houston coming back from retirement [Houston got cut after Harrison wrote this. If I were any of the other Knicks, I’d be afraid to get mentioned in this writeup.–ed.], it seems as if the Knicks have the firepower, but the role players need to step up.

Marbury needs to realize that he is solely a point guard and Q.Rich and Houston need to bring back the clutch shot. Although Balkman right now is hurt, it seems as if New York’s only team can finally be a playoff contender in the east (although that doesn’t take much). It seems like every team except the Knicks has a star, but now they’re starting to build an offensive threat with guys in the post: not many teams can defend 2 guys who can put up 20 point in the box.

Rejoinder From Tom
I come home from the Farmer’s Market every week with a bag full of stuff that resembles the New York Knicks roster — I can envision a meal when I’m putting the stuff in a bag, but by the time I get to actually cooking I’m completely befuddled where to use anything more than four of the ingredients at a time. Under this metaphor, Nate Robinson is salsify and Zack Randolph is whatever vegetable you’re scared may inflict horrific violence on other vegetables.

Gratuitous Comics Connection
DC Comics’ longtime home at 666 5th Avenue frightened a generation of apocalypse-minded comic book readers certain they had caught on to something.

Gratuitous Pharma Connection
For no real reason, Pfizer’s HQ is in New York City.

The Bottom Line
Adding another headcase in Z-Randolph isn’t going to solve the problem that the only players on this team who hustle are the ones who have lesser talent. When your stars half-ass it, you’re going nowhere. Tell me the last time you saw Eddy Curry chase down a loose ball. –GR

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