Philadelphia 76ers

Predicted Record
28-54 (Tom), 24-58 (GR)

Last Year’s Record

Morris Levin’s Commentary
There must be a way to write about these 2007-2008 76ers without mentioning Allen Iverson. After all, it has been more than 10 months since the team traded him to Denver and fans stopped coming to the Wachovia Center. Even Chris Webber stopped coming but thought well enough of the club to leave his $22,312,500 salary-cap space.

It may be that Kyle Korver is barely a decent Ashton Kutcher stand-in, let alone scorer. Maybe the best that can be said of Samuel Dalembert is that he is just so cute as a Canadian, and that Louis Williams will soon be able to drink legally in the United States, and that Andre Iguodala can use Allen’s old 76ers AI-monogrammed towels.

With Allen on the Sixers, every play ended with Allen shooting. “Look kids, Big Ben!” This is the season we learn what happens when you take these players and let them play as a team rather than as perpetual members of the chorus. We see what happens with a legit point guard in Andre Miller running the offense from Day 1. They now have a full-season as a team rather than as parts-sold-separately on the Allen Iverson play-mobile.

Eric Grunfeld’s Commentary
Did someone say “rebuilding?” When you trade one of the best and most exciting players in the NBA (Allen Iverson) for no apparent superstar and a couple of veterans, what can you expect? Well, the Sixers fans have expected it: a sub-par, non-exciting, re-building team. Lasy year’s attendance at the Wachovia Center was one of the league’s worst. Does anybody want to see a team without a superstar? Do Philadelphians want to see a team that they know is in a “rebuilding mode?” Listen, I’m a die-hard NBA fan and I find it difficult to watch this team.

The Sixers have basically made no significant additions in the off-season. Andre Iguodala cannot do it all. Rodney Carney is just a shooter and still adjusting to the NBA. Samuel Dalembert has hands of stone and is lacking NBA IQ. He’s one of those players that had a good year or two, got signed to a big contract because the team doesn’t want to lose them and then never develops and anchors the whole squad.

At one point this summer, I actually felt that the Sixers may improve from year to year until I saw what Boston did and until the Knicks picked up Zach Randolph. And although, Randolph is a headcase and will probably just add to the off-the-court problems of the Knicks, he is a solid player who may be able to help this team. As for the Sixers, they better think about some major moves or the basement will be their landing pad for years to come. By the way, they will not match their record from last season.

Rejoinder From Tom
I’ll say whatever they want me to say about them as long as I don’t have to watch their games.

Gratuitous Comics Connection
Many people believe that Philadelphia is the real model for Batman’s Gotham City.

Gratuitous Pharma Connection
The first annual Contract Pharma Contracting & Outsourcing Conference & Tabletop Exhibition was held in Philadelphia.

The Bottom Line
Shouldn’t Andre Miller have more of an effect on his teams? He’s a great point guard, but his teams never seem to win much. Maybe he could be the last piece of the puzzle for a veteran team, but the guy’s also part of that 2002 World Championship team that got smoked in Indianapolis. Anyway, this team sucks and will race to the bottom of the east. –GR

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