San Antonio Spurs

Predicted Record
57-25 (Tom), 59-23 (Gil)

Last Year’s Record

Tom’s Commentary
The Spurs are even boring in the pre-season, so it’s hard to want to talk to about them. They’re kind of to the NBA what the original-run Joe Gibbs Redskins were to the NFL in the ’80s — a classy organization that’s always going to be good enough to win the title every year there isn’t a dominant team or two to put them in their place. Things are so good with the Spurs that national-level NBA reporters read volumes into moves that wouldn’t make another team local fan sites: adding Ime Udoka, or taking a pass on Luis Scola.

The problem here is age, particularly the bench players Horry, Barry, Bowen and Finley, at least one of whom played for the New York Rens (Barry, I think). They don’t have to play enough to log heavy minutes in January and February, but they need to play themselves into an established rotation in March. Some year this isn’t going to happen. Maybe next year.

Rejoinder From Gil
I have no rejoinder. The Spurs are boring, they’re old, and they’re probably going to win it all again this year, which would put Duncan one title ahead of Shaq and only one behind Jordan.

Gratuitous Comics Connection
The late Charlton artist Pat Boyette was a longtime local broadcaster on San Antonio radio and television.

Gratuitous Pharma Connection
DPT, a contract development and manufacturing organization, is based in San Antonio. They’re good guys.

The Bottom Line
Sure, the Spurs have yet to win back-to-back titles, but look around the league: would you bet on the Spurs or the field? –GR

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