Season Honors


NBA Championship
Tom: Phoenix Over Miami
Craig: Spurs over Dallas and then some eastern conference team, say the Pistons
Gil: Spurs beat Phoenix, wallop the Bulls.

Surprise Playoff Teams
Tom: Charlotte, Portland
Craig: NJ and Lakers
Gil: Milwaukee, Lakers (post-Kobe trade)

Surprise Non-Playoff Teams
Tom: Golden State, Washington
Craig: Washington and New Orleans
Gil: Toronto, Golden State

Worst Team In Eastern Conference
Tom: Atlanta
Craig: Philly
Gil: Philly

Worst Team In Western Conference
Tom: Seattle
Craig: Minnesota
Gil: Sacramento

Random Prediction
Tom: Chris Webber a Laker
Craig: Kobe stays put
Gil: Nets trade Vince, Krstic and spare parts for Kobe


Most Valuable Player
Tom: Kobe Bryant
Craig: Tim Duncan
Gil: LeBron James

Rookie of the Year
Tom: Al Horford, Atlanta
Craig: Tom stole my pick so I’ll go with Durant
Gil: The number 7 pick, whoever he is

Scoring Leader
Tom: Kobe Bryant
Craig: Kobe Bryant
Gil: Agent Zero

Comeback Player of the Year
Tom: Andrei Kirilenko
Craig: Shaun Livingston (can Oden win ROY and CPOY next year?)
Gil: Someone from the Bucks

Defensive Player of the Year
Tom: Tim Duncan
Craig: Rasheed Wallace
Gil: Shane Battier

Coach of the Year
Tom: Rick Adelman
Craig: Avery Johnson
Gil: Jerry Sloan

Disappointing Player of the Year
Tom: Jason Richardson
Craig: Gilbert Arenas
Gil: Grant Hill

All-Star MVP
Tom: Gilbert Arenas
Craig: Kobe Bryant
Gil: Kevin Garnett

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