Podcast: Good Housekeeping

Virtual Memories – season 2 episode 3
Ann Rivera – Good Housekeeping

It’s time for a new episode of The Virtual Memories Show! I finally managed to get a guest to come all the way out to deepest, darkest New Jersey to record a conversation for this one!

Ann’s a 20-plus-year pal of mine from college, and I was happy to have her be my very first pod-guest! Our conversation was for a new segment on the show: Second Hand Books. The theme is that you tell me about a book or author you once hated but now adore. (Because it’s too easy to talk about books/authors you once loved but are now embarrassed by.)

Give this episode a listen, and if you have a book or author you wanna discuss on the show, drop me a line! I love to learn about how people’s literary tastes change and what those changes say about the way we grow. (No, I don’t have a very interesting life, I admit.)

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Credits: This episode’s music is Coralia, by Mark Adler, from the Henry & June soundtrack. In the comments, I’ll put a link to this episode’s m4a version, which has my cutesy headshot embedded. Let me know if you have trouble playing the files; I’m still figuring out how to optimize the audio and I’m not sure I’ve got the meta-data correct to file this stuff in iTunes.

4 Replies to “Podcast: Good Housekeeping”

  1. Had no idea THE WATCHMEN & Dr. manhattan were going t get into this. Didn’t much like the movie in spite of the cool effects. Also didn’t know it was an Allan Moore joint–that surprised me. Your first guest & her book were great–I’ve heard quite a bit about HOUSEKEEPING. Now I’m more interested still. I think it’s a movie as well. “they keep their onw spiritual houses …” A nice encapsulation.

  2. Thanks, you guys, for this first-rate and edifying thirty minutes. For several years I had a copy of Housekeeping on my shelf and intended to read it. When I packed up my apartment in 1991, in preparation for my departure to Hampshire, the novel went into the thrift store pile. Now, I think, I’ll go back and take a second look.

    Marilynne Robinson was actually teaching at U-Mass while we were students at Hampshire, and when I spoke with someone at Hampshire who know her, he told me that Housekeeping was roughly a roman a clef.

    Have you seen the movie? I am moved to take a crack at this novel–and summer approaches! Thanks again.

    1. Glad you liked it! I had no idea she was teaching by us back then! I think I saw the movie a bazillion years ago, but I may be mistaken on that.

      You’re my next podcast victim/subject, so I hope you make me sound good, Mark!

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