New To Me

I discovered a couple of sites this week, and figured I’d share ’em with you. Since they’re not around individual posts, they don’t make as much sense for Unrequired Reading:

  • NYC Grid – a photoblog that chronicles a different block of Manhattan each day (discovered via Subtraction)
  • Feinstein on the Brink – John Feinstein is blogging? Awesome!
  • Books, Inq. – literary ramblings, mainly links
  • James Surowiecki – I knew he was blogging for the New Yorker, but when I checked the blog out, there was no RSS feed set up, so I never followed it. (There’s a feed now.) It looks like he doesn’t update too often, but hey.
  • Richard Sala – the blog of a great cartoonist I once semi-trashed in a review at The Comics Journal. I later discovered that he took the review to heart. Even later, I discovered that the essence of my criticism was completely wrong.