What It Is: 11/10/08

What I’m reading: Finished The Spy in the Ointment last week, and haven’t started anything new, although I dip into “Have You Seen . . . ?” occasionally.

What I’m listening to: Ten Short Songs About Love, by Gary Clark.

What I’m watching: Tried Sweeney Todd, but got bored.

What I’m drinking: Wet by Beefeater G&Ts, but I picked up some Plymouth this weekend. While I was at the liquor store, I noticed that an allegedly high-end gin — New Amsterdam — I was wary of when I first saw it a few months ago is now on sale for the rotgut price of $18.99 for 1.75 L. If you’re at the same price point as Gordon’s and Gilbey’s, you are officially a cheap-ass gin, regardless of your stylish packaging.

What Rufus is up to: Another greyhound hike in Wawayanda, with a post-hike feeding frenzy!

Where I’m going: Atlanta next week for the AAPS meeting. I’m hoping to meet up with some friends from grad school while I’m down there, but that’ll entail blowing off a biz-type dinner at some point.

What I’m happy about: My wife is still alive in the NFL Loser pool that I flunked out of in its first week. Oh, and greyhound racing got banned in Massachusetts!

What I’m sad about: That I haven’t taken care of my mammoth landscaping plans or gotten a fence put in the backyard yet.

What I’m pondering: Jesse Jackson – crocodile tears or just a moment without charlatanry? The question is moot!