The pheasants are revolting

I bought a Flip Video Ultra last week, so expect more dumb movie-clips like this one of me and Rufus fighting over a toy we bought him 10 minutes earlier:

Or you can downoad it here.

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  1. BTW: I see a lot of criticism of letting Curry bring the ball up on the final possession. In our final game this year we were down 3 with 5.7 seconds to go and three timeouts. We fouled a guy who missed both free throws so we called timeout. 5 seconds is enough time for a good high school player on a small court to go end to end (or in our case make a mad dash to the three point line, juke, and let go a three. However, we have a really good set play that gets him an open 3 that I stole from the Spurs. It requires an inbound at half court. So, we set up a play to throw the ball to half court and call time out again to set up our play (scorekeeper somehow burned off 3 seconds, so it’s down to 2.7, ball just inside half court). We draw up the play—I even ask the ref what side we’re inbounding from (experience, experience)—and completely screw it up; my good shooter never even touches it. For the last month I’ve been second guessing myself: why not just let my kid bring the ball up the floor and let him win it or lose it. So the lesson: when your plan doesn’t work, the opposite one looks like gold—except for those times when it doesn’t work!

  2. Gil,

    Ain’t havin’ a dog the BEST?
    You guys seem to be having a great time with the new kid. He looks great!

    All the best!


  3. It’s a lot of fun! (And a lot of little worries and responsibilities, but hey!) Rufus is pretty well-behaved when we’re outside, although tonight he showed a little more enthusiasm for the squirrels than usual. Must be the warm weather.

    Anyway, we gotta get you two out here to visit him sometime; Amy & I will just make dinner and conversation…

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