The Standing Around of the Greys

I’m crazy-busy with these Top Companies profiles and re-confirming all of my conference speakers, but here’s a pic from Sunday’s trip out to Vernon, NJ for a greyhound meet & greet (so people can find out what awesome dogs greyhounds can be):

Rufus had a pretty good time. I mean, he sniffed tons of dog-butt, which is what passes for a good time in those circles. I think there were more than a dozen greys at the event; they certainly outnumbered the other pet groups that had come to this adoption fair.

I’m convinced they tangle up their leashes just to get their owners to bash into each other.

(Oh, and if you live in/near NJ and you’re interested in adopting a greyhound, contact Greyhound Friends NJ. They did a great job, setting us up with Rufus.)

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