The waiting

Bad-ass thunderstorms up in NJ/NY, so my flight back home is delayed. We’re waiting for the plane to come in from there, dump people, refuel, and get us home. It’s a little Embraer 145, one of those 50-seaters, so I’m not looking forward to the bumpy flight home. Which will land sometime way after midnight, instead of our scheduled 10pm.

Also, I realized during lunch today that I actually hadn’t set foot outside of Cracker Biodome in the 48 hours since I’d checked in on Monday. It was another 3 hours before I stepped outside, to get in a cab to the airport. So, not much Nashville-ing for me.

On the plus side, the gift area had a copy of that Sam Cooke biography I want, so I just picked that up. And the wireless hookup is $6.95 for 24 hours, so that ain’t bad.

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