Time out

No posting from me today, dear readers! I’m exhausted/hungover from last night (we get up at 5 a.m. e.s.t., so we didn’t get a ton of sleep after Obama’s acceptance speech). Maybe I’ll fire up a double feature of Undercover Brother and Coming to America on the computer, but first, a coworker and I plan to celebrate the election by scoring some lunch over at the Chicken & Rib Crib.

Barack on.

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  1. Didn’t know you supported Obama. I must have missed the editorial.
    I have a feeling winning the election is going to be the easy part of his new job.


  2. Well, I sat down with my dog Rufus a few months ago and asked him who he thought I should vote for. He said, “BARK!”

    I asked, “BARK! Obama? Are you sure?”

    He said, “Of course, you idiot! We can’t afford to perpetuate a non-diplomacy-based foreign policy that gives rogue nations incentives to develop nuclear weapons in order to deter U.S. intervention! Furthermore, the expansion of government spending and entitlements during the last 8 years have dwarfed even the Democrats’ wildest dreams! And when it comes to calling somebody a socialist, the partial-but-forced nationalization of our banking system sounds a lot worse to me than raising the capital gains tax to Clinton levels.”

    “You sure are a smart dog,” I told him.

    “Got that right! Now give me another porkyslice and scratch my ears, wouldja?”

  3. I can’t argue with any of that–Rufus knows his turds all right–but I do wonder how … what? 56 million voters? Could have missed these arguments. All so succintly put I am going to cut and paste and send them out to be Repub. friends when they annoy me.


  4. He’s an awfully smart dog. That said, he recognizes that not everyone shares his worries, that people weigh their interests differently, and that he’s in a unique situation that allows him to stay informed, ever since he figured out how to use my computer during the day while I’m away at the office. He even made his own page on Dogbook!

    Also, he doesn’t pay taxes.

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