Unrequired Reading: Apr. 17, 2009

Happy Friday! Go enjoy some links! Just click “more”!

Get to the point! (the comments are weirdly entertaining on this one, too)

* * *

Rubber stamp much? (In related news, they should have known the Reflipe W. Thenuz story was a fake when the byline was attributed to Norm D. Ploom.)

* * *

Maybe they should change the name to Don’tbai (and here’s a list of ugly-ass skyscraper projects now on hold)

* * *

Whether or not you agree with his politics, Andrew Sullivan is an important figure in the development of blogging as a form. That doesn’t mean I’ll set aside time to read this long-ass profile on him, but maybe you will.

* * *

What do CIA torture and the tax code have in common? Too much paperwork!

* * *

A movie critic with no salivary gland walks into a bar . . .

* * *

I do hope to hit In-N-Out Burger while I’m in Vegas next week . . .

* * *

Will a movie producer ever follow through with my dream project of a buddy action movie starring Karen Allen and Margot Kidder as Karen Allen and Margot Kidder?

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