Unrequired Reading: Apr. 6, 2007

After the jump, a bunch of links I didn’t have time to expound upon this week!

Sammy Hagar is much more successful as a tequila marketer than as a rock star. (Funnily enough, the Van Halen reunion tour collapsed because Eddie has a drinking problem.)

* * *

The Sopranos returns this weekend; Steven Malanga writes about the banality of their real-life inspiration. And he’s not talking about the Arendt-sense of banality here.

* * *

Jacob Weisberg at Slate bashes the green tea phenomenon. I drink the stuff mid-morning as a lesser-caffeinated change-of-pace from the big black coffee I usually quaff, but hey.

* * *

I once wrote an unfair review of Richard Sala’s comics that he actually cited in an interview as something he took sorta personally. Fortunately, in this new interview, he doesn’t call me out like a bitch or anything for misremembering his amazing body of work.

* * *

Wrestling moves gone wrong.

* * *

I bought this desk.

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