Unrequired Reading: Aug. 17, 2007

I think I’m gonna go inject some liquidity into capital markets, if you catch my drift! (yuck)

Enjoy the links, dear readers!

“Don’t go there!” It’s the list of Most Overhyped Vacation Spots!

* * *

The music industry is in major flux. (Robbie Williams has a contract in excess of $125 million. Think there’s a connection?)

* * *

Print magazines aren’t doing so great either, says Khoi Vinh.

* * *

Truth in advertising about the atrocities in Darfur.

* * *

Ron Rosenbaum follows up his Worst Celebrity Profile Ever column with his take on the Worst Op-Ed Ever. (Next week: Stanley Fish writes airplane food! Then aglets!)

* * *

If you like crappy coffee, hack Starbucks. (But I don’t think their secret menu contains Nachos Galacticos.)

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  1. Guess I’m a sucker, I’ve been wanting to go to Iceland. And you can find those Federal Witness Protection shirts for $3 if you keep your eyes open.

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