Unrequired Reading: Dec. 10, 2010

Everybody ready for the weekend? I know I am was, but then I got this lousy headcold. Grr! Now enjoy some links!

So, um, Phil Collins has world’s largest private collection of Alamo memorabilia?

* * *

I guess this means Gutfest ’89 never took place, either. (Why, yes, my sound is laid down by the Underground.)

* * *

I think The Ladies Man was one of the best SNL-skits-into-movies, not that it had much competition.

* * *

Rat city.

* * *

I feel better about those harrowing zombie dreams now. Thanks, Chuck Klosterman!

* * *

Kitty Kelley on the allure of the unauthorized biography.

* * *

Bryan Ferry: less inclined to trash a hotel room than to redecorate it.

* * *

On my flight home on Tuesday, I watched one of my favorite movies — Woody Allen’s Another Woman — after reading this 1988 review of it by Roger Ebert.

* * *

I’m a “Presidential” style man, but you probably have more flair than I do, when it comes to pocket squares.

* * *

And, finally, you have to watch these Louis CK segments from his recent Leno appearance.


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  1. Tom Spurgeon,

    I thought that said “albino” not “alamo.”

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