Unrequired Reading: Dec. 5, 2008

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Spam filters are like the Communist blacklists in the 1950s? Around two years ago, a company once e-mailed me at my day job with an announcement about how they had helped Pfizer develop the active ingredient in Viagra as a heart medication (its original treatment target, before that certain side effect, um, popped up). I called them to tell them that I’d run the announcement in one of our news departments, solely because they put the word “Viagra” in the subject line of an e-mail and it actually sailed right through our spam filter. They told me it didn’t even occur to them when they sent the e-mail. This guy, on the other hand, sounds like a self-important jerk.

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More like Idiocracy every day. . .

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Somebody bought this for me off of my Amazon wish list. Yay!

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We were uninterested in Mad Men, too. Especially because we tried watching it right after finishing The Wire. (Oh, and Lt. Daniels is pissed about the show’s lack of awards.)

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“I got no time for the corner boys / Down in the street making all that noise. . .”

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Go Geek Girls! I’m glad I coincidentally read this and this back-to-back last week.

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A Quantum of Wallace.

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Good thing Eloise got out when she did.

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One of Kyle Baker’s funniest comics involved a pair of people trying to escape New York, but unable to find a gas station for their car. I believe Manhattan is now down to three.

2 Replies to “Unrequired Reading: Dec. 5, 2008”

  1. I tried to watch the first episode of Mad Man but couldn’t sustain my interest. I suppose I’ll get around to it eventually. That reviewer has his finger on my Nielson pulse: I went from no TV watching in the 90’s (other than sports), to SITC and The Sopranos, to the Wire, and now have “allegiances” to several shows (Lost, 24, and Heroes, although the later has jumped the shark so many times it’s become more ridiculous than a morning soap opera).

  2. A Mad Men-St. John’s intersection… Jim Van Dyke served as a consultant (uncredited) via a producer friend of his when they needed liturgical expertise for the character Peggy’s Catholic Mass scenes. I too have not cleaved to the show – perhaps I have enough angst-ridden WASPs in my real life to deal with.

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