Unrequired Reading: Feb. 15, 2008

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I like Underworld and I like Amsterdam, so this seems like a good fit.

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Robert Novak is optimistic about New Orleans’ ability to support his agenda.

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In October 2006, Times Picayune columnist Chris Rose documented his own post-Katrina collapse. Now the Columbia Journalism Review has a pretty engaging article on Roses’ fall and redemption, the responsibilities of journalists to their communities and vice versa, and Louisiana hospitality.

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I heard someone once took a poor picture in the old Grand Central station. This isn’t it.

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Sure, I was a cad once upon a time, but I was never an “overflowing caldron of narcissism and solipsism,” was I?

* * *

Ron Rosenbaum on Hillary Clinton: idealistic Machiavellian or lying sack of shit? (and lots of Nixon & JFK stuff, of course)

* * *

Still, there’s a compelling case against Obama.

2 Replies to “Unrequired Reading: Feb. 15, 2008”

  1. Ron’s very smart about a lot of things, but politics/policy isn’t one of them.

    I also like “the use of complex tactical manipulation to achieve noble idealistic goals.” Because they’re ALWAYS noble and idealistic when they’re YOUR goals…

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