Unrequired Reading: Feb. 29, 2008

Is it Friday already? I’d better make with the links!

In honor of Black History Mumf, Odienator has been doing a black movie blogpost each day. This one on Richard Pryor is a blast.

* * *

City Journal praises John Silber’s Architecture of the Absurd, but doesn’t let Silber off the hook for moving the goalposts.

* * *

Anthony Bourdain is not happy with his network’s ads for HD content.

* * *

There are a lot of mind-boggling aspects to Britney Spears’ meltdown. This piece focuses on her finances, which will make you very frustrated.

* * *

Derek Lowe offers a little perspective to the half-assed media meme that antidepressants are no more effective than placebos. Not that people will take the time to read it, of course.

* * *

There’s a South Park episode where 4-year-old Ike is having an affair with his hot teacher. When Ike’s brother Stan tells the police, they respond, “Where’s your brother now? We have to get to him right away . . . and give him his luckiest boy in the world medal!” (thanks, 2Blowhards!)

* * *

Oh, joy! The history of my most hated phrase!

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