Unrequired Reading: July 17, 2009

Summertime, and the linkin’ is easy. Just click “more”!

My Top Companies issue is online! (without the graphics and neat formatting of the print edition, but hey)

* * *

Roger Ebert on Robert McNamara, sin and confession.

* * *

Snack attack, motherf****r!

* * *

Speaking of which: 70 Chicken McNuggets, 60 minutes, $2,500?

* * *

Who knew Art Nouveau could be so cruel?

* * *

I’m in terrible distress!

* * *

New York vanishes, Governors Island appears.

* * *

Radiant City is #10?

* * *

You say, “Siblings that he literally made wealthy for doing nothing. He gave them interests in the business for nothing. All he did was put the tape together and send it. Was it the right thing to do? At the end of the day, it was a function of saying ‘You’re trying to make my life miserable? Well, I’m doing the same.’”

I say, “Your dad was cheating on taxes, violating election laws, and got revenge on his brother-in-law by hiring a prostitute to have sex with him, videotaping the ensuing fun, and then trying to blackmail him.”

I guess the real estate racketeers rich really are different than us.

(Bonus! Page 4 of the article includes a depiction of the biggest seder explosion outside of the Park Hotel bombing.)

* * *

I liked 60% of Fight Club, and I think Zodiac is a remarkable movie, but I’ve avoided The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Matt Zoller-Seitz’s longish video-essay about it hasn’t exactly convinced me to drop that stance, but I think I’m more likely to say, “Oh, hey, look what’s on!” and give it a chance someday.

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