Unrequired Reading: June 1, 2007

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Why do Japanese people commit suicide?

* * *

Because they’re all a bunch of file-sharing thieves!

* * *

It goes without saying that you will feel terrible if you read this collection of suicide notes.

* * *

You need some laughs, so here’s a huge article about Judd Apatow, whose new movie comes out this weekend.

* * *

Irresponsibility and intent on the Internet isn’t as catchy as Shame and Scandal in the Family, but Craig does the best he can.

* * *

And I think it’s better than perpetuation of a destructive cycle of codependence between the critical establishment and the architects we’ve all come to think of as stars.

* * *

Wrapping up a short week, here’s the 50 Greatest Wrestling Moves.

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