Velixollogy Day

Wow. I come across this take on the Iraqi flag during breakfast this morning, then I get an e-mail from new VM reader Nancy with a great link critiquing flags from all over the world (Angola: Machete on flag nicely depicted but not wise idea).


PS: Cut me some slack, okay? I don’t have a lot of blogging-time at present, as I’m busting ass on the Top 20 Pharma Companies report at my magazine. And it was either this or a rant about the report on how 10 million women continue to have pap smears after they’ve had hysterectomies. Which is to say, they’re getting tested for cancer in organs THEY NO LONGER HAVE. And people complain that drug companies are fucking up healthcare costs? Grumblegrumblegrumble . . .

Update: Both my girlfriend and my mom called to complain about this entry, because not every hysterectomy includes removal of the cervix. Now, notwithstanding the fucked-up freudian issues involved in those two people calling me to discuss this subject, I want to note that the NYTimes article on this subject indicates that the 10 million women in the study don’t include that sub-population. So, yeah, there are 10 million women getting checked for cancer in organs they don’t have. There are also 1.1 million who’ve had hysterectomies and retained their cervixes. They should still get pap smears. Right now.

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