What It Is: 10/20/08

What I’m reading: Samaritan, by Richard Price.

What I’m listening to: My new iPod, because my old one blew up after only 2 years of use: grr!

What I’m watching: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the first episode of Mad Men. Observations: Mila Kunis is adorable, and Mad Men fell a bit flat/heavy-handed/eh after our experience with The Wire. I have a feeling that a lot of TV is going to fall into the same category after that series.

What I’m drinking: Ristow Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 on Saturday night and Sunday night. I’m up to two  drinks a week, but I still haven’t had a G&T since 9/26, partly because I’m too lazy to pick up limes & tonic at the supermarket.

What Rufus is up to: His first Sunday morning greyhound hike in Wawayanda State Park! Check out the pix!

Where I’m going: No plans, but we’ll likely go back to the park on Sunday.

What I’m happy about: The Red Sox lost game 7!!!

What I’m sad about: That my jury duty number for today turned out to be past the cutoff, so I don’t get to spring my “I can SMELL guilt!” line.

What I’m pondering: Whether I can go into a medically-induced coma to skip the next 2 weeks of electioneering.

4 Replies to “What It Is: 10/20/08”

  1. I bought a 120gb iPod classic, actually. The 80gb one I was using in my car — Rufus chewed through the antenna cable on my Sirius unit, and then the electric adapter for it broke, so I’ve gone without satellite since summer — started making That Terrible Grinding Noise last week, after 2 years. It was out of warranty, so I traded it in for a 120gb at $249 (less 10% recycling rebate), and now have to load that one up. I don’t like to use the iPhone as a car stereo source, for some reason.

  2. Oddly enough…Mad Men has had all the markings to me of a TV show that is wildly overrated. It just doesn’t look like it could be as good as everyone says. The premise certainly isn’t calling my name. And yet The Wire is the complete opposite. I expect it to be fantastic and know that it’ll probably surpass my expectations. Whenever I get around to renting it.

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