What It Is: 10/5/09

What I’m reading: Early issues of my magazine, as I wrapped up the 10th anniversary ish. Boy, was that depressing. I also read the first 20 pages of George, Being George, which I’ll give some more time into this fall.

What I’m listening to: The bad new Zero 7 record, and the much better new Bebel Gilberto record.

What I’m watching: Charade, American Gangster, a little of Silent Movie, and a bunch of football.

What I’m drinking: Plymouth & tonic

What Rufus is up to: Being an Ambassadog at Warwick’s Applefest town fair (with pix by my beloved wife). He got to meet a bunch of greys, but one of the owners kept trying to convince us to adopt Dollar, one of the hounds they were fostering. One of the other owners sympathized with my take on why we’ve held off on grey #2: what if he or she isn’t as awesome as Rufus (as in, can’t handle 9 hours without a bathroom break, or likes to chew on stuff, or gives Ru bad ideas and the two of them spend all day smoking weed and goofing around on Playstation)?

Where I’m going: The 20-year reunion for the high school I left after my junior year. In November, I’ll go to the 20-year reunion for the high school from which I actually graduated. Don’t tell.

What I’m happy about: My pal Ian stopped in for a visit on Friday, giving us an excuse to go to Cafe Matisse for another fantastic meal.

What I’m sad about: 10 years spent on this magazine, 20 years since I graduated high school, and, um, 30 years since I saw The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh. The calendar really does kick you in the nuts.

What I’m worried about: That I’m forgetting something.

What I’m pondering: What I’ve learned in the past decade about the pharma/biopharma industry and the contract services sector.

4 Replies to “What It Is: 10/5/09”

  1. I’m – um, glad? – that someone else saw The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh. I thought I might have imagined the movie, since no one else has ever heard of it. Stockard Channing must still be so proud.

  2. Aw, go on…adopt a girlfriend for Ru.
    Ned became a lot less neurotic after we got him a companion, and we feel slightly less guilt-stricken when we go out for the day.

  3. hey, I remember when we went to see The Fish That Saved Pitsburgh – wasn’t that Dr. J? – how can it possibly be THIRTY year ago?????

    (and don’t worry, Cecily, you’re not alone!)

  4. Having just seen The Fish That Saves Pittsburgh two months ago, I’d say that Stockard Channing likely has no memories of being in the movie at all.

    It did occur to me that the movie could be where longtime LA power couple Norm Nixon (one of the players) and Debbie Allen (a loud, slutty fan) met.

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