What It Is: 1/26/09

What I’m reading: The Alcoholic, a boring comic book by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel, and The Hot Rock, by the late, lamented Donald Westlake. Otherwise, same as last week: Montaigne and Clive James.

What I’m listening to: Bebel Gilberto records

What I’m watching: The last episodes of Arrested Development.

What I’m drinking: Plymouth & Q Tonic

What Rufus is up to: Playing with his new squeaky toy, a big plush pheasant. It’s holding up remarkably well to his chomping, but he’s gotten crazy-possessive about it.

Where I’m going: To Philadelphia next Saturday to visit a pal.

What I’m happy about: Since dropping Instapundit, Vodkapundit and Andrew Sullivan from my rotation, I’m able to read my daily RSS feeds much more quickly!

What I’m sad about: That the last season of Arrested Development fell so flat.

What I’m pondering: How much weight Portia de Rossi dropped from the beginning of the series to the end. We might have to go back and check out the first few episodes just to see.

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