What It Is: 2/22/10

What I’m reading: Consider the Lobster and In The Shadow of No Towers, Art Spiegelman’s 9/11 comix.

What I’m listening to: Night and Day, by Joe Jackson. Started 69 Love Songs, by the Magnetic Fields, but it wasn’t good car music. I’ll have to give it a listen at home.

What I’m watching: The Brothers Bloom (meh), The Ricky Gervais Show (I almost peed myself with laughter), The Life of Tim (I wish I was stoned), the end of Tracy McGrady’s first game with the Knicks (David Lee is terrible on defense), and A Serious Man (wow; I’m not quite sure where it’s going to fit in my Coens pantheon).

What I’m drinking: Miller’s & Q-Tonic, and Hendrick’s & Q.

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Attending a Sunday greyhound meet & greet at the Petco in Kinnelon, NJ. Otis was a little overwhelmed by the scene, and really wanted to go after the smaller dogs that customers brought in. Oh, and it was not funny to have a cat adoption event right next to the greyhound group.

Where I’m going: No travel. Gotta buckle down to finish the March issue this week.

What I’m happy about: Dad reached his 72nd birthday yesterday.

What I’m sad about: I’ll never dress anywhere near as well as The Style Guy.

What I’m worried about: My mid-life crisis will be nowhere near as bombastic as Jack Kirby’s.

What I’m pondering: Buying a Bamboo Fun tablet for my desktop computer.

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