What It Is: 3/1/10

What I’m reading: Alec: The Years Have Pants, and an article in the New Yorker about Montaigne that one of my pals forwarded me a few month ago.

What I’m listening to: The soundtracks to Sunshine and Moon, as recommended by Jason Kottke.

What I’m watching: The Conversation, Frost/Nixon, Funny People, Coraline, and the U.S./Canada gold medal hockey game. That was the only event I watched from the entire 2+ weeks of Winter Olympics coverage.

What I’m drinking: Old Raj and/or Hendricks and Q-Tonic.

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Neither of them is too happy about the 20″ of snow we got pasted with last week. Otis managed to eat a mouse that had died from the bait trips we left out for it in the garage. Apparently, my library was on his little mouse bucket list, so he died in the middle of that room, where Otis found him and swallowed him whole. I tried to get Mickey out of his mouse, but by the time I got to him and pried his mouth open, all I could see was the end of the mouse’s tail going down Otis’ gullet. It doesn’t look like there was enough poison in the little guy to affect Otis, happily enough. With his propensity for curling up in a tight ball in the sun, we always joked that Otis is part-cat. Now we know the horrible truth; he’s all cat.

Where I’m going: Nowhere in particular, but I managed to get roped into a round-trip to Philadelphia that literally amounted to 3 minutes of parking before driving back (130+ miles) home. All this to pick up a collection of files that could have easily been packed into a box or two and shipped up to me. I’m peeved about this.

What I’m happy about: It stopped snowing. AFTER FORTY-EIGHT HOURS.

What I’m sad about: That I finally watched a hockey game all the way through, and my country failed. I’ll never watch hockey again. Sob!

What I’m worried about: Flying from Brazil to Paris.

What I’m pondering: What to get my wife for her birthday (it’s Wednesday, btw).

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