What It Is: 4/26/10

What I’m reading: Baby, I Don’t Care, Weathercraft, and the new Esquire.

What I’m listening to: Songs from Venice Beach, Songs You Know by Heart, Special Beat Service, A Friend of a Friend, and Signals.

What I’m watching: Animal House (which I haven’t watched in a million years and remains one of my all-time faves), Deadliest Catch, and the current HBO triumvirate of Treme, The Ricky Gervais Show, and The Life & Times of Tim.

What I’m drinking: Citadelle & Q-Tonic.

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Spending a few days with my dogless pals Sharon & Doug. They didn’t embarrass themselves or us too badly. That said, Ru climbed up on their sofa once, and Otis was obsessed with their parakeets, forcing my pals to relocate the birds to the garage. Sigh.

Where I’m going: One-day jaunt to Philadelphia this week, then Chicago & Toronto next week.

What I’m happy about: Having such a nice time wandering around NYC last Saturday.

What I’m sad about: That so many neighborhoods in NYC remind me being in a mall back in NJ.

What I’m worried about: Not much in specific. I’d been pretty worried about getting the May issue done in time, but got a lot of work done on Sunday to put that goal in reach.

What I’m pondering: Whether I’ll have time & motivation to write a series of short- or medium-length posts this week on a variety of subjects.

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  1. If you made Animal House today and set it as many years in the past as Animal House did its fraternity days, it would take place in 1994.

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