What It Is: 5/17/10

What I’m reading: Fly Fishing with Darth Vader.

What I’m listening to: Bob Mould’s The Last Dog and Pony Show and Life and Times, Steve Earle’s I Feel Alright, ABC’s Lexicon of Love, and Madonna’s Like a Prayer.

What I’m watching: The Hangover, which was better than I expected it to be. Crank, which was worse that I expected it to be.

What I’m drinking: Aviator & Q-Tonic

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Going to a party thrown by one of our fellow Sunday greyhound-hikers. There were a dozen or so greys and one black lab in attendance. Sadly, Ru got spooked by some hunters shooting way off in the woods, and spent some time curled up and cowering in various spots, including the bottom of a concrete stairwell off the patio. The other owners were sad that Ru was so skittish about that noise, but I figure it’s better to be nervous about guns than blithe. Otis, on the other hand, just puttered around the yard (2 acres, fenced in) all day, hoping to get food from our plates. On Sunday, they went on their first greyhound hike in a while. Otis was obsessed with a year-old pit bull that one of our group brought along (with her three greys), and was ready to choke himself trying to get to her. Eventually, I asked her owner if I could walk the two of them together, since that might make it easier. From there on, Otis became Daisy’s shadow, trotting alongside her at an even pace, his tongue lolling onto the top of her head. It was pretty funny to watch.

Where I’m going: Nowhere!

What I’m happy about: Getting some grey-social time in this weekend. Also, working at a relatively small (12 magazine) B2B company.

What I’m sad about: Not getting more of that Weakly series of posts written, because the memories are already fading.

What I’m worried about: Getting the June issue together this week. It feels like there’s no break from one ish to the next.

What I’m pondering: All those stories that are lost when we die. Also, that Kabbalistic notion that the world is a broken vessel and that our role is to contribute to its repair.

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  1. “…Kabbalistic notion that the world is a broken vessel and that our role is to contribute to its repair.” –
    actually Gil, the concept of “TIKUN OLAM” (lit. “repairing the world”) is one of our mainstays, and far precedes Kabbalah and makes us so very different from others –
    whenever I hear a pastor, minister, priest, etc. talk about someone now being in “a better place” it’s so contrary to our belief that we are here to make THIS WORLD a better place, to “repair the world” –
    anyway, just something to think about – I’m still trying to figure out how/if I could mend the world – maybe I’ll figure it out eventually –

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