What It Is: 7/26/10

What I’m reading: Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up, Bob Colacello’s bio of Andy Warhol.

What I’m listening to: Stankonia, Mind How You Go, Night & Day, and a whole ton of random stuff while I’ve been incorporating another giant iTunes library into my own.

What I’m watching: Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Harvard Beats Yale 29-29, and the In Search of Steve Ditko, the Jonathan Ross special about a comics recluse/genius (reviews coming tomorrow). Also, the Captain Phil tribute episode of Deadliest Catch, which contained an anecdote about Phil’s father Grant that would qualify for an installment of “You, Sir, Are Bad-Ass” if I could find a summary of it online.

What I’m drinking: 209 & Q-Tonic

What Rufus & Otis are up to: We drove out to the annual Vernon Dog Wash on Saturday, so the boys could get baths and have their nails clipped. The vet accidentally cut one of Rufus’ claws a little too close, leading to a little bloodshed. Of course, Ru being Ru, he didn’t actually react or show any sign of pain. He just left little drops of blood on the floor, prompting the vet to use a “liquid nail” sealer to take care of it. Also, someone in town apparently detonated a bomb a few nights ago. Ru doesn’t react well to thunder, guns (we have hunters out in the woods) or firecrackers, so the explosion sent him into “Bye, everybody! Don’t forget to tip your waiters!” mode, trotting down the hall. I thought he’d gone his usual spot in the guest bedroom, and went to check up on him 10 minutes later. There was no sign of him in there. So I looked in my home office, but he wasn’t there, either. He wasn’t on either of the dog-beds on our bedroom floor, so I got nervous. Then I noticed the reflection of the hall-light off of his eyes. He was so scared he broke with tradition and jumped into our bed (Amy’s side) and curled up against the pillow. Otis had no comment.

Where I’m going: Nowhere! Although I am planning to take a vacation day today, so I oughtta do something with it.

What I’m happy about: Getting to spend an hour of Saturday evening on the deck overlooking the woods, and enjoying a cigar, a G&T and that Ditko documentary on my iPad. Also, my buddy Tom Spurgeon won an Eisner Award for his work at The Comics Reporter! Go, Tom! I hope there’s video of your acceptance speech!

What I’m sad about: I didn’t get up to the Met on my day off Thursday. But at least I got to spend some time at the Frick.

What I’m worried about: That I was often guilty of being a topic hijacker. I’ve tried really hard this year to listen much more to the other person in a conversation, but sometimes I’m afraid the pendulum has swung so far in that direction that I don’t really give an impression of what I’m thinking or feeling. Combine that with my occasionally inappropriate or blank facial expressions, and it’s a marvel I haven’t been arrested on suspicion of something sociopathic.

What I’m pondering: Well, Amy was wondering, “How different would Synecdoche, New York have been if the lead was played by Paul Giamatti instead of Philip Seymour Hoffman?” so you can ponder that along with us.

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