What It Is: 9/28/09

What I’m reading: The new issue of Fantastic Man. Because I’m a fantastic man.

What I’m listening to: Essential Michael Jackson.

What I’m watching: A bunch of NFL, and The Rachel Zoe Project, which remarkably didn’t make me feel appreciably dumber. I guess it’s partly because, outside of the silly reality-show dramafication, the show also contains enough of the day-to-day aspects of Zoe’s job to be a little informative.

What I’m drinking: Red wine, although I don’t recall any of the labels. I didn’t drink too much during the conference-evenings, which is good. We took out a bunch of our event sponsors on Thursday night, and I managed to keep it down to 1.25 G&Ts, because our restaurant only had Tanqueray Ten on hand.

What Rufus is up to: According to my wife, he was pining for me while I was away at the conference. Thursday was the first time we used a dog-walker since Rufus got attacked last May. My brother took him outside once when he was here in July, but otherwise, it’s been me and/or Amy every day for 4+ months. Ru & the walker were fine.

Where I’m going: Nowhere, but my pals Ian & Jess are coming in for an overnight on Friday; we’re planning to take ’em to one of our favorite restaurants before seeing them on their way bright and early Saturday morning.

What I’m happy about: Our conference went off without a hitch! It just goes to show you what four micro-managing control freaks can accomplish when they all pull together! (Also, Crumb’s Book of Genesis is supposed to show up at my door sometime today! I’ll have some post-Yom Kippur reading that’ll actually be kinda Jew-y!)

What I’m sad about: Bill Safire died. And I’ve already started thinking about the speaker lineup for next year’s conference.

What I’m worried about: One of my speakers won’t show up.

What I’m pondering: Whether my body will manage to mistake nicotine (in the form of Ozona snuff) for the caffeine that I’m doing without for my Yom Kippur fast. I doubt it, but that’s why it’s a day of afflictions.

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