What It Is: 9/29/08

What I’m reading: Back to Raymond Chandler! Then, who knows?

What I’m listening to: Joe Jackson’s Rain record

What I’m watching: Amy was pretty unwell this weekend, so she watched some chick flicks on Saturday afternoon, before we tuned into the LSU win over Miss State. Don’t worry; we TiVo’d the new Chris Rock special.

What I’m drinking: Plymouth & tonic. A lot. But I’m going to try to dry out for the next week or two.

What Rufus is up to: Bonding with his mom while I was away at my conference.

Where I’m going: The Warwick Applefest next Sunday, but that should be about it, unless I take a half-day this week and head into NYC or Montclair to sell a few boxes of books.

What I’m happy about: I’m happy that our conference was a big success, but for the moment I’m happier that it’s over.

What I’m sad about: Today may be the last day for the Official Newspaper of Gil Roth.

What I’m pondering: How few physical objects I order from Amazon nowadays. I buy music from their MP3 store, and books through their Kindle store. I still get comic collections in print, but most everything else I get from them is electronic.

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