What’s an interweb?

Big off-site sales meeting today, to discuss online sales strategies for the company. I’m not in sales, but they brought me in (along with our VP/editorial director) to give some perspective on how the editors can contribute good web-based content.

It was a critical meeting, in which we hammered out much of the plans for how we’re going to move this publishing company into the 21st century. People gave presentations on our digitial editions, webinars, and push e-mail systems, while discussing how to integrate online and print advertising packages. Thanks to the strategies we developed today, our salespeople are ready to go out and increase our online revenue fivefold in 2007.

Except maybe this guy:

Besides this moment, my favorite part of the meeting was when the sales consultant asked us, “How many of you go to YouTube.com?”

I raised my hand, as did our IT guy and our e-mail manager. That was it. I blurted out, “What the heck do you people do online all day?!”

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