Which way to the gun show?

Sometimes, I get a little punchy from writing these Top Companies profiles all day. That’s when I blow off steam . . . by dressing my dog in my clothing:

I admit that I consider work-at-home sessions to be “No Pants Days,” but I resent the implication that people and their pets tend to resemble each other!

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  1. maybe I’ll change my mind when I see cujo in person, but that’s the most beautiful dog I’ve seen in my life. Just sayin….

  2. Cujo is the shepherd/huskie mix down the street, in the Smiths’ old house! He stands up on a huge rock in their yard and barks like a maniac whenever we walk by. Of course, he’s just frustrated because he’s wearing a collar with electrified prongs that zap the living hell out of him if he passes the perimeter of the yard. Ha-ha.

    Our boy can’t wait to meet his uncle. He’s shredding his new groundhog toy in anticipation!

  3. such a smart dog – to be able to dress himself! –
    and such good taste in Tshirts – is that one St. John’s?

  4. That’s my “Property of New Orleans Parish Jail” shirt, actually.

    And, I sure have read Ron’s Shakespeare book. Don’t you bother to gaze into my navel as much as I do? I never did ask him about that great Lear-moment that Kevin Kline had. I hope it wasn’t like the one time I saw Kline live (Ivanov at the Met) and he threw a chair across the stage during the curtain call.

    For a guy who goes home at night to Phoebe Cates, he sure seemed unhappy.

  5. Technically, it’s a bitch-beater, him being a dog and all.

    Actually, it’s a T-shirt with the sleeves cropped off. That makes it a muscle shirt, here in NJ. Even for those of us who don’t have muscles.

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