0-fer of the Week

What better day of the week than Wednesday to show off my lack of erudition? In an act of Godelian irrelevance, I’ll try to post a significant 0-fer (as in, “I’ve never read a book, play, story or essay by [x]”) every week.

This week’s 0-fer is  . . .

George Bernard Shaw!

You’d think, in my late-teen pretentious superhero-fixated years, I’d have mistakenly read Man and Superman, but you’d be wrong.

Now why don’t you leave a comment about one author you really should have read by now but never have?

You can find past 0-fers 0-ver here!

8 Replies to “0-fer of the Week”

  1. I’m going to presume you mean authors I’ve never read whom I feel I shoud have.  I perversely enjoy disappointing others who’ve decided that I should read a certain author (or who are surprised I haven’t).  I figure that if I somehow already emanate that author’s worldview, I don’t really need to read him/her, right?

    I think I’m most chagrined not to have read any Goethe, either in English or in German.  I feel worst when I’m playing Faust and loose with allusions, particularly comparing almost-boyfriends to Young Werther.

  2. its not too late to read some Shaw, my dear – you won’t be sorry – when I was about 7 I saw Arms and the Man (by accident I suppose) and have loved Shaw ever since –

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