2013 Podcast Countdown: #2

The podcast countdown is almost complete! The 2nd most downloaded episode from 2013 is . . . well . . . strange!

#2 – Mike and Ivan’s Comics Cabaret – It’s a comics double-episode! Eisner Award-winner Michael Kupperman of Tales Designed to Thrizzle joins us to talk about his Mark Twain fetish, why he decided to make a 20-page comic combining “Quincy” and “Inception”, and how the UCB taught him how to perform his comics. Then cartoonist and professor Ivan Brunetti talks about his new book, Aesthetics: A Memoir, what he learned from drawing Nancy strips, how he found himself teaching cartooning, and how he set the (low) bar for self-loathing comics in the ’90s. (6/25/13) mp3

I love both of these guys’ work, but I admit that I’m surprised by how popular this one is. Both Ivan and Mike have pretty devoted fan-bases, plus Ivan’s got cartooning students who are probably interested in what he has to say in a non-classroom-setting. Still, I always marvel when this one’s near the top of the monthly ranks for non-debut episodes.

Now go listen to our #2 most downloaded episode from 2013!

Check back tomorrow for the most downloaded Virtual Memories podcast of 2013! As ever, thanks to all my guests for the great conversations, and thank you, dear listeners, for each and every download!

#10-8 – Craig Gidney / Ed Hermance, Drew Friedman, Jesse Sheidlower

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#3 – John Crowley / Scott Edelman

And remember, you can find all our episodes at the podcast archive or by visiting iTunes! Wanna see pix of our guests? Check out the flickr set!

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