Bigger Than Tina

On the heels of yesterday’s announcement about Faiz K.’s new baby, another dutiful VM reader has great news to share: my favorite Australian is getting hitched!

No, not Jacko! He’s washed up!

No, not Michael Hutchence! He died under weird circumstances!

No, not Paul Hogan! What happened to him, anyway?

The Australian who’s getting married is none other than Tina B.!

Pictured here at Petra, which is nowhere near Australia! Good luck to her and Brendan (the wedding’s not for another 13 months, but hey)! It just goes to show you, dear readers: Love conquers all, including the Coriolis Effect!

(VM Bonus: Tina took two of the greatest photos of me ever: looking cute, and shitscared.)

Update: After Tina’s protest (see comments), I found a pic she sent of her and Brendan at Lord Howe Island. I’m just glad she remembered that I have those terrible pix of her table-dancing in a C&W bar in Nelson, NZ. Fortunately, no photographic evidence exists of me throwing down to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck:

3 Replies to “Bigger Than Tina”

  1. Thanks for publishing the dorkiest photo of me ever!
    (Well, the second dorkiest – I just remembered the table dancing one you took in NZ :)
    Have I actually ever sent you a pic of me and the B-man?

  2. Found one! See above!

    And I’m glad your bungee-pic of me didn’t show how pale I was, like when we were in the cablecar going up the mountain, and we heard that poor girl’s jump with her “gleagh” cry. . .

  3. I give up.
    Seriously – these two photos (taken years apart) are the only times I’ve worn those dorky hats!!! And B’s face isn’t usually covered in zinc either…..

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