Go ape, part 753,215

Dinner at Erik’s Gondolen with the Life Science project maanger from Business Arena Stockholm (hey, Ylva!). Here’s the view from the restaurant. And here’s the menu:

Dill marinated salmon with crayfish tails in mustard

Breast of duck with chantarelles and potato muffin, herb and garlic bouillon

Apple parfait with cinnamon and sweet-pickled cherries.

I violated my “don’t mix your drinks, you idiot!” rule by drinking the following in 5 hours: G&T, beer, fruity-tasting vanilla vodka concoction, red wine, two capuccinos, beer, and 4 cigarettes.

But I had a nice evening, with good conversation, and I didn’t smoke NEARLY as much as this guy.

Here are some pix from the first two evenings. I haven’t taken a ton of pix, and I haven’t written much about the city (I DO keep a notebook, okay?), but I’ll try to work on that tomorrow.

The view outside my hotel.

Down the block.

The sculpture outside an academy.

One of the locals.

Pedestrian walk, on the way to dinner tonight.

Take it to the bridge.

Look, kids! Parliament!

Another view from the restaurant.

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