Happy Chipday, Part 2

We took Chip Delany out for a belated birthday brunch today, arranged by our pal Elayne! Here’s the 68th birthday boy with his cake!


And here’s a shot of Chip with the full-page pic from that article in last week’s New York Magazine:


We had a lovely meal, even if I couldn’t partake in some of the dishes or the complimentary champagne, since I’m trying to keep kosher for Pesach.

Many happy returns, Chip!

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  1. Hey, Gil–
    Thanks so much for putting up the pictures! It’s nice to see what other people see, now and then. Keeps you grounded and gives a buit more spring to you step. And, of course, thanks to you and Elayne for organizing the whole thing. I’m back at school looking through endless folders of new applicants to the Graduate Creative writing program and thinking about all the things I should be writing.
    Hugs and stuff to you and Amy–

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