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Made it back safe and sound last night from Amsterdam, and the offical VM girlfriend was waiting for me at the terminal. At least she said she was waiting for me. She did seem kinda surprised when she saw me, and she was wearing that chauffeur’s cap and holding up a sign that read, “W. Harrelson” . . .

Anyway, I may not’ve given that good an impression in my posts, but I raelly did enjoy the past week in Belgium and Amsterdam. On the minus side, I didn’t see the sun for a full week. On the plus side, I didn’t see cars with those rims that keep spinning.

In other news, I’ve learned there is evidently a part of the Torah that states that, during trans-Atlantic flights, Hasidim are supposed to stand right next to the emergency exit door, face the corner, and pray for two hours at a time, brushing theiy elbows against the door handle. This must come after the portion where God tells Moses that true believers should dress like they live in an 1852 Polish shtetl.

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