We’re here for 44 hours in San Diego! Of course, I made a mess of the trip before it even started, by slicing a nice bit out of my finger last night, which led to nearly 3 hours in and around the emergency room of the hospital where I was born.

The cut was of the grotesque variety that can’t be stitched up, so treatment consists of “keep pressure on it”. They gave me two doses of Surgifoam to keep pressed on it, but that’s all melted away, so now I’m just wrapping it in sterile gauze and surgical tape, and taking antibiotics to prevent gangrene. This post is being typed without the use of the middle finger of my right hand. Which, I should point out, I cut while slicing a lime for my G&T last night. Adventures in gin, indeed.

On the plus side, we’re in San Diego! And my best friends are getting hitched! Off to the rehearsal dinner! (even though we sneaked over to In-N-Out for burgers a few hours ago.)

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  1. Ouch! You poor thing! I remember a friend of mine did that a few years ago…He was hideously drunk, tottering around in platform boots and decided it would be a great idea to cut up some salami with an incredibly sharp kangaroo skinning knife (don’t know why, since there were plenty of garden variety knives in the kitchen). We couldn’t find the bit of finger, so we can only assume another equally drunk person at the party ate it….
    It was his ‘social’ finger (the one you use when someone cuts you off on the freeway), so it looked hilarious bandaged in that position for a week.

    I win though……I got a huge hunk of flesh cut out on Saturday. After a brush with skin cancer, my doctor wanted to err on the side of caution and remove the surrounding skin. The result is 20 stitches at the top of my right arm. Painkillers are my friend…….

  2. GAH! We were wondering about that patch on your arm from those great holiday photos from Lord Howe Island! Amy thought you’d quit smoking and had The Patch going, but I guessed that you’d been bit by a python that didn’t appreciate all the stroking!

  3. Smoking is one of the few vices I don’t have, and the python is quite happy to be stroked :)
    The dressing left a great tan line that’s for sure….I could have photoshopped it, but that would’ve been a bit weird. I not big on rewriting history.

    The really fun part is that now I have an even bigger patch that I get to show off in yet another tropical paradise….I have to go to Bali for work at the end of the month and the stitches won’t be due to come out until I return.
    Still, it’s a small price to pay for not dying from melanoma.

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