Long weekend

As mentioned in my previous post, Amy & I were, um, JETSET PARTY PEOPLE!!! this weekend. Saturday morning, we flew out to St. Louis, had a brief stopover, then flew on to Tulsa, where we celebrated Survivor Status for Amy’s pal Doug, five years after his treatment for brain cancer. The party was a blast, and Doug managed to make it through his guest/host-of-honor speech much better than I would’ve, if I’d been in his shoes.

Sunday morning, we headed back to the airport to return to St. Louis, to surprise my brother at his 40th birthday party. Of the weekend’s four flights, that would turn out to be the bumpiest. But them’s the breaks, when you plan air travel in the midwest in February.

I’m pleased to report that Boaz had no idea that Amy & I were in town, proving that my mom and his wife are quite capable of keeping secrets from him. I wasn’t so sure about my dad, so I didn’t tell him about this trip till Friday.

I had a great time shooting the breeze with my brother and sister-in-law. Boaz has already cemented the family’s travel plans to NJ this summer. (Hint: they overlap with Springsteen’s dates at Giants Stadium.) My nieces, as ever, were a hoot. At one point, the little one managed to pack about a million silk scarves into her shirt, giving herself cafeteria-lady-boobs. Amy took a ton of great pix this weekend; once she’s done fixing them up, I’ll post her flickr link.

Going into the weekend, I was worried that weather would mess with our plans, and cause us to miss one flight or another. Naturally (just as happened in Belfast), the only fight that got delayed was the one coming home. Oh, well.

Another upshot of this weekend: I can cross off one more state in my list of “states I’ve visited for more than just a drive-through.” I’m at 29 states (+1 district) and counting, and I do have an invite to visit a friend in Maine this summer.

Feel free to visit the Visited States page and make out yer own durned map.

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  1. I’ve apparently been to every state east of the Mississippi except for Wisconsin and Michigan, swung through the southwest, and up the west coast except Oregon, but including Hawaii. So much for the heartland and the Rockies – although I guess that gives me a goal to work towards. 33, or 32 + 1 district.

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