Radio Silence

I know it sounds like I’m always under a huge pile of work, dear readers, but this time I mean it. Last week’s conference overrode my other responsibilities, and now I have to finish a 156-page issue by Friday morning, so I can catch my flight to Milan in the afternoon to cover the CPhI/ICSE conference.

Yesterday, I finally believed that this was doable. Shortly after that, I got pasted with a cold.

Upshot: you likely won’t see any posts here till Friday morning’s Unrequired reading. Oh, and you’ll probably get to see a bunch of neat photos from Milan & environs next week.

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  1. 6 working days since the conference ended, and almost 156 pages done! All I have left (for Friday morning) is an intro to an interview with a Wyeth exec, a thank-you note and two-page spread of photos from our conference, and my infamous From the Editor column.

    But I haven’t been yoga-ing! I’d better do some before the flight!

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